Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cool weather...

Since arriving in Merida on June 27 the weather has been down right pleasant, although with a fair bit of rain. The first couple of days it continuously rained, mostly light rain, and this was keeping the temperatures very comfortable but with 110% humidity.

I really didn't even see the sky till yesterday. But now it is sunny and hot again, giving me a chance to swim in the pool and lay in the sun.

What have I been doing all day? I hear you ask. Well, I have been getting up early(ish) and trying to do a little exercise, jumping in the pool to cool off, then Monica Tort (Spanish teacher) arrives for 2 hour lesson each weekday. Then off to La Boheme for a little breakfast, a wander through the neighborhood, then an afternoon nap.

Ah the sweet life!


  1. You're right! The weather has been GREAT, and what a relief it is, compared to the last three months...
    I just found your blog, and look forward to reading about your adventures. Welcome to Yucatan!

  2. Yes I think I chose a great time to come down for an extended stay. I have been really liking the rain, even walking in it without even worrying about getting wet (like most everyone else here!).

  3. Just discovered your blog thanks to John and Alan. Thanks for sharing the experience of discovering Merida and finding a place of your own. We're on a similar path and I am really enjoying the journey. Looking forward to further instalments.