Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Gift That Gives...

Today I didn't have my Spanish tutor till 1pm so I wandered up to La Boheme for desayuno and a chat. Alex and Chris are the owners of La Boheme and they are some of the nicest people you'll meet here in Merida. Their cafe is a great place to watch the world go by, sit and have a chat and have some very delicious food.
Victoria, Chris and Alex

I sat and ordered my usual diet coke and egg and bacon croissant, then Alex joined me and helped me with my Spanish homework and a leisurely chat.

We have been to La Boheme on Paseo De Montejo quite a few times and usually for desayuno, and each time I eyed these wonderful creations hanging on the wall. They were these wooden spoons hand-crafted by a local expat, Viviana Hinagos.
Alex saw me looking at them and explained that 100% of the money they sell for goes directly to Sanctuary Evolution.
There are a number of ways you can donate, and hopefully the link above works, so go and check out all the great work they are doing over at the sanctuary and see if you too can help.

But what an awesome idea!A gift that gives!

Here I have this awesome unique gift knowing that my money will be directly benefiting those poor animals in need here in Merida and to those wonderful people who care for them.

I know my mum is going to be delighted with these spoons BUT, as she is an avid supporter of the RSPCA in Australia, she will be over-the-moon about the proceeds going to support animal welfare here.

Well done Chris and Alex for allowing your cafe to support this venture and a huge thank you to Viviana for caring so much to help those who can't help themselves.
What an ingenious idea! Not to mention the awesome unique gift that I have that comes with its own heartwarming story.

A special thanks to all those people working hard to care for and help those animals in need in and around Merida. I can't wait to be down here and get involved.


  1. The artist that made the spoons is Viviana Hinogos, she's a fantastic artist and person.

    Also, Chris and Alex are pretty fantastic too and their cafe is wonderful. I'm glad you gave them kudos.

  2. The spoons are great! We have stopped by La Boheme a couple of times for expresso and dessert but have not met the owners. Sanctuary Evolution is also a place near and dear to my heart. They really do need continuing financial support and are taking donations for a new building to house sick animals to keep them apart from the general population. I hope to be one of the volunteers there also one day soon. Thanks for posting about this cause and mentioning La Boheme. They have great expresso and lattes.

  3. Thanks Jonna for Viviana's name I will amend my post accordingly and yes, Chris and Alex are great guys.

    John and Alan...hopefully we can help make a difference soon when we are down here. Thanks also for posting about Sanctuary Evolution. After reading your post I did send an email about volunteering while I was here but unfortunately I didn't hear back from them... I didn't have a car to get there anyway so maybe next time

  4. The spoons are very cool. It's always great to find new unusual things that would make great gifts for people back home. Also nice to see the new incarnation of the former Olive Cafe Stop, which was also a good place to meet and hang out.