Sunday, July 10, 2011

No, no Noche Mexicana!

Last night, being a Saturday night and Wade's last night before heading back to Atlanta, we were excited again to spend the evening at Noche Mexicana at the southern tip of Paseo De Montejo, but the weather had other plans for us.

On late Saturday afternoon we had a rather larger down pour with some incredible lightening flashes and thunder that shock the house. A couple of times the thunder made me jump and cringe. By about 9pm the rain had stopped altogether and Wade was convinced that Noche Mexicana would be still going ahead, but as I could not hear any music I was not too sure.

We walked around the corner hoping for the best but were greeted by a dark, silent area filled with wet empty stalls.

                                                     I was not only sad that our evening was ruined but also for all the vendors and performers. When we walked through earlier at about 7:30pm all the performers were there and dressed just in case the weather broke early enough for the night to go ahead.

Anyway we turned around and walked back home and got an early night. There will be plenty of other Saturday nights I am sure.

The next morning I got a late start, as Wade left for the airport at 5am, and decided to walk down to Santa Lucia and to the Main Square to check out the markets and stalls. Not the smartest move as it was already almost 1pm and hotter than the sun out there. I did get down to the Main Square but was melting so I decided to turn around and head for home and sit in the pool.

As I passed back by Santa Lucia I stopped to take this picture of everyone enjoying the music and up dancing...yes, dancing in this heat! and in their Sunday best.

I laughed at what a gringo I was standing there with my tee-shirt sticking to me. You must admire everyone's verve for life down here. They certainly live for each moment and I hope some of it rubs of on me while I am down here..

Oh, and while I am sitting here writing this entry the weather broke again and we are having another huge rain storm and strong was just hotter than the sun outside? I guess I'd better get used to it...La Vida Loca or rather El Clima Loco!


  1. I notice when the full time expats mention the rain, they're grateful for a 1-degree drop in temps. I can't imagine moving to sunny Mexico only to pray for rain, but I guess that's how it is in the summer.

  2. Lee..yes the rain has been great really. I have loved the large afternoon storms and the temperature during most days and nights has been very pleasant. I am not really complaining that it rained just that the rain stopped a wonderful saturday night. Living in Atlanta we hope for rain during the summer also.

  3. I had no idea you felt that way about lightning;) Beautiful pics as always. Hope your espanol classes are going well. The good news is that you'll be coming home to more afternoon showers, so it will be somewhat similar to Merida! Love the blog btw!