Sunday, July 3, 2011

One enchanted evening...

Last night was magical here. We strolled up around the corner to Noche Mexicana just there at the south end of Paseo de Montejo at around 8:30pm. There on each Saturday night they hold a wonderful outdoor market/food vendors/concert with singing and traditional dancing (I think they were from Campeche?). Anyway it was truly a feast for your senses.
 Firstly, the very beautiful young girls (las ellas joven muy bonita) did I get that right? anyway they came out all in white and danced with candles and sometimes beer bottles on their heads.

Always very poised and looking stunning at all times.
 They had these wonderful dresses that flowed and twirled. Yes there was a lot of material to all these dresses.

The music was just as beautiful as the dancers were and the concert did not stop for one second until about 10:30pm.

But my favorite dance was the last dance of the evening when each girl came out in a different colored dress and the dance was very energetic.
 The dresses seemed to flow on for ever and reminded me of some amazing butterfly or fantastical insect dancing in the bright lights of the night.

I have put in a few pictures here (sorry) but I just love the way the camera really captured the movement and energy of the dance.

The music was wonderfully loud and the crowd clapped along and cheered (although all very respectfully while sitting demurely in their seats).

 It really was mesmerizing and I couldn't help but be carried away by the moment and (with not wanting to sound corny) it brought a little tear to my eye. With all the color, energy, sound and looking around at all the beaming faces who sat mesmerized at what they were watching. The night was perfect and cool.

Anyway, it was awesome!

During the evening we wandered over and parked ourselves at the open-air food court where we could still watch the concert on the stage and listen to the music.

Here you could go to any number of food stands and collect an amazing array of goodies. 

We opted for a couple of soft tacos, each a different variety, and a couple of cokes.

All up costing 60 pesos. 


Then we moved onto a little dessert which consisted of a couple of helados - ferrero rocher which were delicioso! Only 25 pesos each! YUM!

All up we had a fantastic Saturday night, which just happens to be - every Saturday night here in Magical Merida!


  1. We stumbled on Noche Mexicana by accident in May. The production was so sweet -- very traditional costumes and dance routines.

    I'm glad to see another blog and another point of view from guys with similar goals. That perfect property has to be out there somewhere.

  2. You are right, it is a magical experience. Your photos capture really well the colors and movement. Wishing we were there right now!

  3. I loved your photos. It doesn't matter how many times I watch the dancing, I always enjoy it so much. Nice to know that others do too...

  4. Yes it has to be one of our favorite nights here and I really look forward to taking friends and family to it when we are here full time. Then they will know why we fell in love with is on tonight and we are looking forward to going up there to have dinner again and watch the show.

  5. We usually fly in on the late Saturday night flight. As soon as we land, we quickly ditch our bags and stroll down Paseo Montejo to Noche Mexicana. It’s such a great way to kick off the trip. And a few of Sabrina’s tacos (end stall, closest to the stage) don’t hurt either!

    Enjoying your blog, too!