Sunday, October 23, 2011

HHI...Contender No. 2

OK, so our second real contender was a great looking colonial a few blocks south of the main market on Calle 73. It was in need of total restoration but was nicely presented, cleaned and swept with no trash and no old remnants of people's lives left behind.
The front was totally charming with the three openings to the front and two banks of rooms with high ceilings going back.

It had some really nice original doors and pasta tiles and did I mention that it was CLEAN. The place was swept and tidy and you could see the casa itself.

We initially did not look at it because of its location but on our next trip we decided to check it out. We were impressed with the original pieces that this casa had to offer but as we stood there on that little cute street a bus crammed its way down every five seconds (or so it seemed) and prostitute street was a block and a half away!

Then, as LeAnn pointed out, did we really want to have to navigate the busy main square every time we wanted to go somewhere either by foot or car?

We went back NOB and for a long time this little casa was a real contender in our minds. We spent many a weekend sketching plans and imagining ourselves living on that street, in that part of the city. But we keep coming back to the realization that we were trying to tell ourselves that it would be ok living there, that the street really wasn't THAT busy, that the prostitutes wouldn't bother US and that living so close to the bustling downtown markets would be HANDY.

Then we stopped and listened to ourselves.

I think this little charmer is still on the market today.


  1. It looks familiar. Good to hear from you guys again. When will you be in Mérida next?

  2. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it! Great photos and commentary! I do have a question though; have you already found a house or are you still looking?


  3. Hi Carolyn...thanks for reading and yes we have purchased a place and are already talking with an architect to build. We are looking forward to going back down to Merida this thanksgiving.

  4. We are dying for pictures

  5. My friend and I went out to look in 2010...and it is indeed very easy to forget the buses, etc. We saw THE two most beautiful houses, and then...we found out that they were on THE busiest street in Merida!! I think you hit it on the head in your previous post...Househunters International brings on the dream....and then we find we must be very careful...but,then there is that wonderful city that we love so much!!!