Thursday, November 10, 2011

House Number 3, the Deco Colonial

The third house on our contender list seemed to have it all.  Sure, it was still south of the main square, but this big imposing casona was on a quiet stretch of Calle 60 near a pretty (newer) church, and it didn't require a walk through prostitute street on Calle 58 or through the main market to get up to the Plaza Grande.
The house was another L-shaped construction with high ceilings from the front rooms all the way through to the back.  It sat on a large lot, and it had every one of its original doors and original pasta tiles in each room.

It had beautiful art deco details everywhere and you could easily imagine life breathed back into this dirty rough diamond.

The facade was an imposing art deco style that was impressive, and the block had lots of other big colonial houses for sale although none of them had been renovated yet.

This house had it all, but it was a little unclear what the price was or even what company had it listed!

Covered outside terrace

It was easy to walk through this house and imagine it restored and filled with colors and light, with a pool in the courtyard.  It even had some large trees and palms in the back for instant tropical atmosphere.

If you have already been through the process of looking at Merida houses, especially ruins that are ripe for restoration, you know the walk through house after house that doesn't really tick any of your boxes and then you go through the doors of a house that does.
You know it immediately, and instead of just spending a few minutes looking around politely, you start to measure rooms and take pictures of all of the different tiles and find yourself saying things like, "the kitchen could go here," and "can you imagine sitting and having coffee out here in the mornings?"

This one was going to require some thought to be sure that we didn't lose our senses completely!
The view across the street


  1. Wow, that's stunning. There's a quiet part of C. 60?

  2. This one looks pretty fabulous. The suspense is building!