Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Plaza Grande is closed!

It is true...the Plaza Grande is closed for restoration.  To tell the truth, it is a little embarrassing.  After all, we have been here for nearly a week, but it was only today that I made my way down to the square and the Cathedral, normally one of my first (and favorite) stops in Merida.  But it had been a busy week, with lots to accomplish and new friends to see.

According to Google Translate, the "Recuperation of the Urban Image"

I was so surprised that I circled the entire Plaza to see if I could figure out what was going on.  In a few spots I was able to get a peak inside, and the security guard at the site actually smiled when he saw my face pop through a gap in the fence (rather than yelling at me to go away).

According to El Diario de Yucatan, the renovation of the Plaza will take several weeks, and is expected to be completed sometime in December and in time for the City's anniversary on January 6.  There will be 672 new architectural light fixtures, 158 benches, and "reforestation," although the existing trees and plants will remain.  The El Diario story is here: La Plaza, Un Mes Cerrada  The beautiful portal at the small park in front of Sta. Lucia (that I have somehow managed to never photograph despite having documented every pigeon, pasta tile and palm tree for twenty blocks in any direction from there)  has also been covered over since we were here in July.  I hope that this too is a sign of ongoing restoration.

In each of our trips here over the last 18 months, we have seen ongoing evidence of the City's investment in restoration, and the work shows.  We are looking forward to sitting quietly under the trees in the renovated (or "recuperated") Plaza Grande on our next trip back to Merida, but for now will be perfectly content in the squares at Santiago, Santa Anna, and San Juan.


  1. Don't be embarrased...we are here full time and only discovered the borded up zocolo early this past week. Thanks for the link as we had no clue what was going on. This is the third parque that is undergoing a face lift, the first we saw was the Matridad Parque on 60 next to the symphony building and the second is on the corner of 60 & 59...I do not know the name. Should be looking pretty spiffy by the time Merida's birthday rolls around!

  2. I hope they also fix the electrical outlets in the Parque Grande. Many of them don't work (which you only discover when your laptop dies). Once I watched three workers working on an electrical cable on the ground there - they'd poke at it and jump back as it sparked. They looked like they were handling a serpent.

  3. 672 light fixtures? I just hope it's not overly bright. I've always thought the lighting was just right at night.

  4. I thought the park was beautiful the way it was. It's hard to imagine being able to improve on its looks. Can't wait to see it when we next come down.

  5. Barb, we agree. Of course, if you had asked us whether the cathedral could be improved, we would have said no. Now, though, seeing it lit up at night is one of our favorite sights in Centro.

  6. Hi Guys... I don't know if you have made it back here since your last trip but we were in centro last night and saw, with amazement, the newly opened Plaza Grande. Wow! I live half of my year in San Miguel de Allende now and I was not prepared for the changes I witnessed last night. It is stunning!!! By far the most beautiful zocolo in Mexico. Not only did they light the park itself but all of the landmarks that frame the park have been lit and restored to perfection! And the newly opened glass-domed " mall" between the Cathedral and the McKay Museum will feature films and live performances in the upcoming months. Cudos to the wise Meridians who planned and executed this renovaton project. Its world class! My best, Stephen Forte