Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Contender Number 4...

Ok, so we know that the normal HHI formula doesn't include a fourth house, but for this one we had to make an exception.  The fourth house on our list of possible properties was an unusual property on Calle 80. It was on a large piece of land that was more square in shape than long and narrow like most Merida lots. It had a very substantial casa on it that was not in bad shape, though not in good shape either.
The location was good, only four blocks up Calle 59 from the square at Santiago, and the block was really beautiful with a wide street and a substantial number of the houses restored and well cared for. The house already had five very large rooms with 20 foot ceilings and some nice pasta tiled floors (underneath all of that dirt).  In addition to the great location, the unusual square shaped lot made the property seem bigger than it actually was. 
Before we left, we were already dreaming of a big hacienda-style portal along the side of the house facing the garden, ten or twelve feet deep with arches and lots of chairs and hammock hooks for sitting in the shade.
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The garden already had a couple of large hardwood trees and a large citrus tree of some kind (maybe sour orange?) that just added to its appeal.

All in all, this Santiago home was going to be hard to beat!

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  1. This looks like it has so much potential! We bought our place when we fell in love with the lot. (I'd like a dog to be in our future) Plus this place is pretty close to my fav place to eat, Peter Pan-Cho at 82nd between 59 and 59A!