Sunday, January 1, 2012

Which one did we choose?

Well it is 2012 and the time has come to let everyone know which property we ended up buying and will set about this year turning it into our little oasis in the sun.

Was it House Number 1? The white house close to Santiago square.

Or was it House Number 2? The pink house south of the main market.

House Number 3? The grand deco casona.

Or House Number 4? The large house on the large square lot on Calle 80.

And the house we chose is.....

None of them!!!!

Even though we had great intentions of finding a beautiful original casa that we could renovate, we ended up finding a vacant lot of land on calle 63. It is a quiet (no bus) street only three blocks from Santiago, and at the end of the day proved to be the best choice for us.  It's not much in the way of pictures, but we are really excited about all of its potential.


  1. Looks like a beautiful lot. Looking forward to seeing your plans for it. Congrats!

  2. Very nice! I'm excited to see where you take this.

  3. Wow,
    Your imagination can run wild with a blank slate. You can have any detail you want from all the many choices.

  4. Thanks everyone. Yes even though we were a little disappointed about not having the history and original architectural details of restoring an old ruin, we are excited about being able to design from scratch AND that we don't have to deal with rising damp from old walls ect.

    We are also very excited about the location as well...oh and since we bought it a young Canadian couple have renovated and moved in across the street. So now we will be the second gringos on the block!

  5. Congratulations Darren and Wade, we thought you would pick # 4 but you fooled us! Your lot is in a great area. We are looking forward to updates.

  6. I guessed correctly!! LOL

  7. Congratulations Gary and Wade. We just bought a house in Mejorada and I can sympathize with all your house hunting emotions. We even looked at the Painter's House (the Art-Deco house) you looked at. We will arrive in a couple weeks to close and then are beginning to put a few necessities in the house, Would you happen to know where to buy a good mattress? Do they have a Tele Bodega in Merdia? Thanks for any advice!

  8. LeAnn...that's funny! Not only did you guess are featured in the photos of each house!

    Sherry...thanks but we are still so new to Merida and have not yet began to source furniture and items. There is Wallmart but others would know better...maybe go on yucatan living website/forum?
    Did you like the 'Art-Deco' house? We thought it was great and had beautiful features.

  9. what a great way to get exactly what you want. That's a nice location too. How big is the lot?

  10. That's what we are hoping, Theresa (although ironically it seems that "exactly what we want" is a new house that looks just like a renovated old house.) The lot is about 12 x 40, so plenty of room for the dogs, the people, and a garden. (I continue to watch your posts for planting advice!)

  11. How exciting! Looking forward to watching your project unfold!