Monday, February 20, 2012

Desfile de Bachata (the Sunday parade)

We took a day off from Carnaval yesterday, but wandered out again today for the Bachata Parade, a mid-day parade.  (I'm not sure what "Bachata" means...does anyone know?)  We watched the parade on Calle 60 near the Parque de la Madre and the Jesuit Church, in roughly the same spot we had for the night parade on Friday. It was sunny and hot out, and there were plenty of umbrellas to create a little shade for people in the chairs and bleachers.
I don't know what the crowd was like further north on Montejo (where the stages, beer tents, and food stalls are set up), but it was a calm family affair in this stretch of C. 60 just as it has been for other parades.  Some of the kids took the wait in stride, but some were less able to handle the anticipation. There were more great costumes and lots of energy from the paraders even though it was hot and we were near the end of the parade route. Everybody was all smiles....paraders, spectators, young, and old. This parade was longer than the others that we have seen, and even though we had seen some of the costumes in earlier parades as well, this one was a big success.  Some photos from the parade are below.  Enjoy!



  1. Thanks! We really did enjoy this trip, and the parades especially.

  2. Those were some of the most gorgeous photos of Merida's Carnaval that I've ever seen. That picture of the little girl blowing bubbles was fantastic.

    1. Thanks Nancy! It really was hard to take a bad picture. Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, the expressions on their faces carried every frame.