Thursday, February 9, 2012

Springtime in Merida?

I didn't expect to be doing yard chores and planting the season's first seeds and veggies so early in the year, but that's what we've been up to for the last few weekends.  The weather has been beautiful and most of all warm, even for Atlanta.  We haven't had temperatures below freezing for several weeks, and lots of days have made it up to the high 60s (F) with loads of sunshine and some perfectly timed rain.  The weather definitely has the plants confused...our tulip magnolia (magnolia soulangeana) has been in bloom for the last two weeks....nearly two full months earlier than it blooms most years!!  Radish seeds have already sprouted.  Even the mid-season daffodils are in bloom, right along with the early season varieties.
Believe me, I'm not complaining...I look forward to this part of the gardening year all winter.  I just wasn't expecting it so early! 
As we get ready to head down to Merida for a few quick days, all of the sprouting and blooming going on here makes me wonder what gardening will be like in the Yucatan's warmer tropical climate...will the seasons still be as notable, and will the variety of plants be as broad?  I pore over the posts about Jonna's garden, Theresa's vegetablesJoanna's beautiful pictures,  and read Naturalist Jim Conrad's newsletter to learn what I can. 
On this trip, I will definitely be watching out for what is growing and blooming in Merida's gardens...if only because our garden here has gotten me thinking about planting and growing earlier in the year than I usually do!

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  1. This warm weather really has been nice. I think this is the time of year in Merida when everything grows like crazy. Wonder what our garden looks like?

    Have a great trip. Wish we were there, but will have to wait until April.