Friday, March 2, 2012

Street Sign Flash Cards

After putting together the post on Merida's pictogram street signs, I have to admit to going a little crazy trying to find more of them.  Once I started to look, I saw the signs everywhere (including on corners that I passed every day but had never noticed).  Even on our last morning in Merida, I got up at sunrise to make one more hunt for a couple of signs that I had seen from the window of the cab the previous night.

It turns out that trying to figure out what each of the signs means is a great way to learn new vocabulary words.  Start with the ones below, and then try it for yourself on the streets of Merida!
Little Red Riding Hood

The Colisseum
The Cowboy
The Earthquake
The Gardener
The Heron
The Hill
The Lily (I'm not too sure about this one!)
The Mascot
The Pomegranate (not the grenade!)
The Bell (can't read the last word)
The Rabbit
The Sun
The Two Soldiers
The Vulture

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