Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Chores

We had beautiful weather here in Atlanta this weekend, the perfect weather to catch up on garden chores.  I know that "chores" sounds like something unpleasant, but for me work in the garden is more like recreation.  When everything is growing, I can spend hours outside.  Even when the work is turning in compost or hauling mulch...the whole process relaxes me.

We planted summer vegetables, including ten tomatoes, ten sweet peppers, six eggplant, and cucumbers.  The green beans have been in the ground for a few weeks already, and the onions for a couple of months.  We also tidied up the flower beds and pulled together a bunch of containers of both flowers and herbs.

In addition to the plants, Darren did a spring cleaning for his girls, the chickens.  Yes, we have chickens.  No, we don't eat them.  Yes, we live basically in the middle of the city of Atlanta.  (I can see my 50 story office building from our back porch.)  The chickens aren't a statement or anything.  We just met some neighbors who had them, and decided to try our hand at it.  It turns out that they are really wonderful creatures, and we have really loved having them around.
Darren's girls.

When the weekend was done, we just enjoyed some time outside with the dogs.  We ended the day on Sunday with a barbeque with friends.  All in all, it was a perfect weekend!


  1. What a beautiful place you have. Thanks for the pictures. Almost as relaxing as actually gardening!

  2. I've always been a little envious how much sooner the South dives into summer. In Connecticut, we're still in the midst of completely unreliable spring weather and leaves are just starting to poke out of the trees.

  3. Thanks Debbie! We really enjoy it. Lee, we have been at least a month, and sometimes six weeks, early on everything this year. At this rate, it will be summer by May 1...

  4. What a beautiful garden. Would you be able to tell me what type of mulches you used? Did they do well for you? We have been using straw, but it is hard to find without weeds...Thank you! Yolanda. My email is