Monday, July 2, 2012


Since our first trip, we've managed to make it back to Merida between two and three times per year.  So much has been happening in the city that one of the first things we do is go out to see what has changed.  This trip is no exception, and there are lots of improvements. 

The majority of the municipal work in Centro seems to be complete, and the Plaza Grande and the parks look really good.

The lighting on the major buildings along C. 60 is dramatic, and the new paving on streets and sidewalks (for those streets that had work) are a welcome change.  

The new roofed arcade between the Cathedral and the MACAY is a pleasant place for a stroll and will also probably be a welcome shelter during unexpected summer storms.  Although there are doors for what look like shop spaces all along the MACAY side, only one (a Mayan crafts shop) was open on Saturday.  Since this area will be on virtually every tourists' list, it seems like these spaces would be ideal for shops or tour agencies.

My personal favorite addition, though, are new signs throughout Centro for the directionally challenged that helpfully point the way to major sites and destinations.  Like the sidewalks and renovated parks and the new lighting, these signs seem like a clear indication that the city is ready for tourists and ready for its close up.


  1. I'm glad you took the photo of the Gov.'s Palace. I regret to say that we never made it down to the Central Plaza after dark when we were there in April. The lighting is very nice.

  2. Great pictures......Centro is looking pretty spiffy.

  3. We think so too! The lighting at night really is worth a could easily have gone over the top, but really turns out to be just enough. Especially in the summer heat when Centro can look a bit dusty and tired at mid-day, the nighttime lighting is really magical.

  4. Just wait to you see Calle 59 on your next sidewalks, gutters, roadway and FACADES are being painted! Beautiful...