Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello....Is this thing on??

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."  John Lennon

If we had a good excuse for the excessive absence of new posts, I would offer it here.  I even looked back through photos from the last seven months (I use pictures to track time like some people use a calendar) to see what we've been so busy with, but didn't come up with much.  We hatched some chickens...

Darren's sister and her family visited for about five weeks in the fall, and we took them to Disney World...

And I spent nearly three full months living in a hotel in New York for work, periodically hopping on planes to avoid hurricanes and blizzards.

We did fall garden chores and now spring garden chores.  We walked the dogs and read the blogs (thank goodness you guys are more reliable with your posts than we are!) 

After the New York assignment ended, we decided it was time to get things back on track.  First, we booked tickets to Merida (for the first full week in April), and now its time for a new post.  There's not much to say, but it's a start!

We are flying to Cancun this time.  Darren has done this before, but the bus will be a first for me.  We are coming in late on Friday evening, staying overnight in Cancun, and then getting the bus early on Saturday morning.  I....Can't.....Wait!!!

For palms...

For bougainvillea...

For Merida!

We hope to see some of you there!


  1. Just ran across your post Tiny Houses in Merida, saw this updated post and just thought I would say hi. My wife and I are finishing a tiny (560 SF) house in Centro to live in or sell. (not sure yet) Thought you might want to take a look at our tiny house and meet another expat. Hope the next two weeks fly by. -Paul Kroll C. 82A #356A 39 y 41, paulkrolljr (@) HOTMAIL

    1. Hi Paul. I just sent you a note about next week in Merida. Best, Wade

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thanks Barb! We've been enjoying your posts from the coast as well.

  3. Glad you are back. Looking forward to meeting you this trip.

  4. hello, my name is kristen. i have been online looking for 2 friends of mine, emily and ryan (newie). they should be in the merida/yucatan area looking for me too. if you've heard of anything at all or know of someone who meets a lot of people passing through, please drop me a line and let me know...
    anything at all would help.
    thanks so much for your time,