Monday, May 9, 2011

The journey begins...

This is my very first blog, and I decided to start this because I have been following many others from Merida and they have been very informative and entertaining (not saying that mine will be).
We compiled a list of possible places to find our international holiday home and have traveled to all of them (Quito, Buenos Aieres, Bangkok, Phuket, Hanoi, Languedoc-Rossillon-France) and eventually decided that Merida was the place for our overseas venture. 

Many of these places are very exotic and amazingly beautiful but unfortunately they weren't right for us. 

We compiled our short list of possible places to due to affordability, safety, accessibility, availability to work or work remotely, proximity to USA and of course our 3 dogs (which was a huge factor). 

We finally decided that Merida was going to be the place for our adventure so here is the start of my blog on this part of our life. Who knows where it is going to take us?