Monday, October 24, 2011

Merida Bound....

Finally, we are Merida bound for the week of Thanksgiving and having a lovely eight day stay this time around.

We are going to be renting a friend's house down near Santiago and we are very excited about that. We really wanted to stay in Santiago this time around especially since we stayed a little further north of the main square last two times.
The flights have been ridiculously high to fly anywhere (Thanksgiving and all) and we managed to get a Delta flight to Mexico City then AeroMexico to Merida.

Last trip I flew into Cancun and caught the Platino Bus from Cancun across and it was awesome..but the flights were around $1000...can you believe that?
Anyway that will be my next post about the wonderful bus trip from Cancun...

See you all for Thanksgiving in Merida!


  1. Sorry that we will miss seeing you this trip. We will be there on Nov 1 and return Nov 11. Hope to have some great photos to share while we are there.
    Not to mention some awesome food.

  2. Forgot to add that we got the best prices we have found so far. Continental to Dulles to Houston to Merida. Two stops, but only a little over $500 total cost per ticket. That was directly through Continental. The prices through the discount places were all at least $100.00 more. Flight time and layovers make the trip a little over 11 hours, which is about the same as flying to Cancun and taking the bus for 4 hours. This way, when we land in Mexico, we are 15 minutes from the house.