Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Works

It turns out that there is more going on than just the work at the Plaza Grande.  Thanks to Nancy's comment on a prior post, we went out to search for more projects.  In addition to the work at the Plaza Grande, the City is also carrying out work on the streets and other parks in the central corridor along Calle 60 as well.  It looks as if electrical and other wires are being buried along at least some streets including this one along side of the Opera House (which also appears to be newly painted).
 There is also this work on the street next to the Parque de la Madre.
In the background of this picture, you can also see that the Parque de la Madre is under renovation as well, along with the Parque de Santa Lucia and the Parque Hidalgo next to the Gran Plaza Hotel.

"We promised to renovate the Centro Historico.  Today in Santa Lucia Park we are doing it!"
"Restoration.  The rescue of our historic downtown."
"We undertook to rescue the Centro Historico.  We delivered with the rehabilitation of Parque Hidalgo."
 Some of the signs suggest that other works are either also planned or may even have been completed.
"We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused by the Work."

And even though it isn't covered with the same kind of signs, the passageway between the Cathedral and the MACAY across from the Plaza Grande has also been covered with a new roof to create a covered passageway over the area that is usually used to showcase larger sculptures.

Things in Merida really are looking up!

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  1. The city really is busy sprucing up the Centro. With all the media exposure of Merida, we are sure to see a larger influx of tourists.