Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not Exactly an "Audrey II"

The house that we are renting has an entire bed filled with this strange and interesting plant.  While I'm fairly sure that it isn't a blood-thirsty alien (aka Little Shop of Horrors), it has caught my attention.  The complete plant looks like this:

The baby plants along the edges of the leaves are fascinating, not merely in their appearance but in their behavior as well.  During a rainstorm the other day, it seemed like many of the baby plantlets actually leaped right off of the leaves!  Sadly, most of them landed on hot, hard concrete rather than welcoming earth (though we did sweep most of them into the garden beds).

I can't figure out whether this is some Darwinian reproductive maneuver, or maybe just the physical force of the rain hitting the leaves and dislodging the baby plants.  Either way, it was a treat to watch.  Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?


  1. I don't know guys, that really does sound a bit Shop of Horrors...ish.
    Better keep an eye on the little devils.

  2. The plant's name in Spanish translates to "Mother of Millions". It's easy to propagate, a gardener's euphemism for invasive. There are several types. I used to have some, then I had a lot, now I have a few but I still find it growing in the oddest places.


  3. John and Alan, the real problem is not the plant, it is the insidious nature of the soundtrack. Having now thought about the play,I can't get the songs out of my head! Theresa, you've offered me my new favorite gardening phrase...."easy to propagate." I will soon be using it to describe morning glory, black-eyed Susan, and buttercups back in Atlanta.