Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dinner and a Rabbit...

One night last week we ventured out to La Casa De Frida for dinner. We like to visit this restaurant once each trip as we always really enjoy it, although it is a little pricey (but worth it). This night was no exception, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The night was quite warm and we had just walked over to Santiago to the Aki so that I could get some mosquito repellent. You see, the supermercado around the corner was closed for five days doing 'stock-take' and I couldn't wait any longer as I was being driven to distraction by the mini evil beasts from hell.

We arrived at Frida and saw the waiter taking an order from a table of four (the only other occupied table at that time) and standing there by his feet was this rather large pure white rabbit. Yes, a rabbit!

Not the real rabbit!
The waiter greeted us and sat us near the other table out in the small open-air courtyard as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Rabbit? What rabbit?

We sat at our table and the rabbit sat beside us for a while and cleaned itself just like a cat would. It was beautiful, large and snow white. After it had cleaned itself to its satisfaction it slowly hopped away and followed the waiter in through the kitchen and off into the back yard never to re-emerge that evening.

We laughed about it, but the next day while eating at a little italian pizza joint around the corner on calle 60 the owner was sitting next to our table on his laptop with his pet green parrot on his shoulder. I guess all these little eccentricities  that we see just go towards making Merida the Wonderland that it is and we are happy for it.

Anyway, back to Frida. If you haven't been there then you are missing out. Not only is the food wonderful, but the decor is shockingly vibrant and fun.

I guess to match her personality and famous painting style.

"Perhaps best known for her self-portraits, Kahlo's work is remembered for its "pain and passion", and its intense, vibrant colors. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition, and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form."

Longaniza con queso
The quote is from Frida Kahlo Website, intense!

I must admit that we have had the same item on the menu each time we have visited.  We start off with some chorizo in melted cheese (Longaniza con queso).

Wrap in a warm torilla and vola

Pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce
 For my main I have the pork ribs in the most delicious sweet and sour sauce and Wade has the house speciality Chili en Nogada which is a rather large stuffed pepper in an equally delicious sauce. YUM!
Chili en Nogada

It is one place I recommend for a special night out. It is not expensive by American standards but it is pricey for Merida...but like I said...worth it!


  1. We really do need to try this place. I keep a random little list of all the places I'd like to dine. Frida's has been on there the longest. We'll have to make it a point to go on our next trip. Thanks!

  2. This is going on my list of places to try! Everything looks very good, and it sounds like a treat to go! Thanks!
    One of our favorite places is a unassuming little late lunch kind of place called Peter Pan-Cho which is at Calle 82 #490-C por 59 y 59A. They make a great fried red snapper and CQ always likes the red snapper vera cruz. Each time we go to Merida we eat there at least 2-3 times. It's like 'our place'. There botana's are great too.

  3. Is that a photo of the actual rabbit? He's so hard to capture, although everyone whips out their phone cameras when he comes hopping by. I notice he's just about doubled in size over the course of about six months, so let's everyone step giving him our scraps!

  4. caught me. no that's not the 'real' rabbit. I was to busy looking at him and talking to him to remember to take his photo before he disappeared for the evening.

  5. Carlos and Pat...thanks for the tip on the lunch place. I have a friend coming down on Friday and we will check this place out. Thanks

    and Lee, yes the 'real' rabbit was way bigger than that pic..much taller than a cat but not fat.

    and Susan I hope you like this place as much as we do. The whole atmosphere is great just to sit and have a leisurely dinner.

  6. If I remember correctly, there is another restaurant in the Centro that has a resident bunny. I sort of remember seeing one at Alberto's Continental. The owner is quite a character and interesting to talk with. He said that he is retiring, so not sure what will happen with the restaurant.

  7. I also love this restaurant but I recommend that you try a few of the other specialties like Chiles en Nogada. Another sweet restaurant is Il Cafe, located on the walking mall that runs between 58 and 60 Streets, along one side of the Peon Contreras theater. Great Italian food! I enjoy your blog... those of us who have lived in Merida for a long time sometimes look past the unique attractions. Your fresh take on everything wakes us up... Gracias!