Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights...

Well it was Friday night and we were wondering what to do and where to go for dinner. We really wanted to stay away from around the main square and all the tourist places there, and we don't have a car here so wherever we went had to be within walking distance of the house where we are staying.

Then we remembered that we had not visited one of our favorite little restaurants, Amaro.  

Amaro is a small but extremely delightful restaurant set in the courtyard of a house over on Calle 59.

You enter through the original carriage doorway into a charming courtyard which is surrounded by a deep colonnade with arches and columns on three sides.

They always have local artists work hanging and for sale throughout the colonnade.

There is a large tree on one side that leans out across most of the courtyard like a green living roof and adds to the wonderful ambiance.

They usually have a local musician playing guitar and singing, and the whole experience really is worth a visit. 

The menu is wonderful and varied from its delicious vegetarian meals to traditional Yucatan dishes, and also worth a mention is the refreshing chaya and tequila drink. But be careful, as they are easy to drink but deadly!

I highly recommend you check Amaro out, for it is neither an expensive tourist-trap nor a cocina economica.

After dinner we strolled down towards the main square looking for the helado man and his cart but didn't manage to locate him this evening, instead opting for the sweet that is a thinly rolled waffle cone like a pancake that has nutella in it....yum! No time for a photo of it before we devoured it, sorry.

But while looking for the helado man these wonderfully made little toys in the shapes of many animals caught my eye. They were just being sold on the sidewalk with all the other usual tourist 'gifts'.

I am always looking for unusual items that would be good as gifts, and I hadn't seen these before.

There were many to choose from and I couldn't decide but managed to narrow it down to these four. A rabbit (conejo), a giraffe (Jirafa), a peacock (pavo-real?), and a cat (gato). They are quite well-made although 'rustic' and quite heavy.

So off I went very happy with my little find of the evening.


  1. These animals are very cute, I have to look for them on my next trip to Merida. Love your blog!

  2. Yes they are really well made (like I said) and the colors are very bright and made from a thick woolen material so they feel very sturdy...a real find I thought!

  3. Sí, la comida en Amaro es muy bueno, y la música también.
    I will be in Mérida for a brief visit arriving the 26th. If you guys are still there, maybe we can meet for dinner.

  4. Hey Jon/Alan...unfortunately Wade left this morning for Atlanta and I will leave on the 23rd...but would love to meet up some time. Maybe next trip....thanks